Necessary Knowledge in Chan Sitting by Master Hsu Yun

Necessary Knowledge in Chan Sitting* Our everyday activities are executed within the Path itself Is there anywhere that is not a place for practicing the Path? A Chan Hall should not even be necessary. Furthermore, Chan practice is not just sitting meditation. The Chan Hall and Chan sitting meditation are for sentient beings with deep … More Necessary Knowledge in Chan Sitting by Master Hsu Yun

Introduction to Chan

Huineng came upon two monks who were arguing. They were having a silly argument to try to prove how smart they were. They were watching a flag rippling in the wind. The first monk said, “The flag is moving.” The second monk said, “No, the wind is moving.” Huineng saw them having this ridiculous debate … More Introduction to Chan

Zen and Zen Stories

  What we call the Zen school is really a conglomeration. It includes the original teaching of the Buddha, which I call First Turning Buddhism, and the spirit of Chinese culture at the time. What we call “Zen meditation” is a method for training the mind that is practiced in First Turning Buddhism and in … More Zen and Zen Stories