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Silly Mountain: a new commentary on Han Shan’s Maxims

by Daniel Scharpenburg, translation by Richard Cheung and Ming Zhen Shakya

This beloved Zen Master of the Ming Dynasty has left his profound mark on Chinese Chan Buddhism which follows in his footsteps to this very day. Hanshan Deqing was the model and inspiration for Master Hsu Yun (Empty Cloud), the father of modern Chinese Chan, and the patriarch of our own Order of Hsu Yun.

Faith in Mind by Sengcan

with commentary by Daniel Scharpenburg

The Diamond Sutra

New translation and commentary by Daniel Scharpenburg

The Heart of Empty Cloud

A selection of the teachings of Master Hsu Yun, compiled by Jydin Shakya, Ming Zhen, and Richard Cheung.

This basic manual of our Order of Hsu Yun is perhaps the best place to start from when one decides to get a taste of real Chan.

The Platform Sutra

Translated into English by A.F.Price and Wong Mou-Lam.

This is the Platform Sutra of Sixth Chan Patriarch Huineng. The Path of Zen and its approach (or approach of non-approach) is fully laid out in this most beloved of Chan scriptures.

Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind by Shunryu Suzuki:

This is the most beloved of all American Zen books. In the forty years since its original publication, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind has become one of the great modern spiritual classics.

Diamond Heart, Essence of Prajna

Diamond and Heart Sutras with commentary by Ming Zhen Shakya

Selection of Teachings by Great Master Hanshan

Selection of Teachings by Great Master HsuYun

Dropping Ashes on the Buddha by Seung Sahn:

Consisting of dialogues, stories, formal Zen interviews, Dharma speeches, and letters using the Zen Master’s actual words in spontaneous, living interaction with his students, this book is a fresh presentation of the Zen teaching method of “instant dialogue” between Master and student which, through the use of, among other things, astonishment and paradox, leads to an understanding of ultimate reality.

Three Pillars of Zen by Philip Kapleau :

Through explorations of the three pillars of Zen–teaching, practice, and enlightenment–Roshi Philip Kapleau presents a comprehensive overview of the history and discipline of Zen Buddhism. One of the most fun reads for any newcomer to Zen.


by Tokme Zangpo with commentary by Daniel Scharpenburg

Lojong Training

Commentary on traditional Tibetan Mahayana teachings by Daniel Scharpenburg