The purpose of membership in the sangha is to make the practitioner feel like they are part of something.

Becoming a member of the Morning Sky Zen Sangha is a statement about your personal commitment to the path of awakening.

It means participating with a community of practitioners who aspire to follow the Zen path with humility, sincerity, and an open heart. We endeavor to inspire each other to deepen our practice of cultivating Mindfulness, Compassion, and Wisdom.

Anyone is invited to become a member of the Morning Sky Zen Sangha, you just have to ask.


Membership is a way to express appreciation for the Zen tradition and to connect yourself to the teachings.


Connection with this community can help support your practice.


The opportunity to practice with an authorized Zen Teacher.

We give precepts free of charge to people demonstrating a sincere desire to follow the Buddha’s EightFold Path through the Five Lay Precepts and Three Refuges. You can learn more of that by clicking Here

People demonstrating a more profound engagement with the path may enter into the Path of Zen Buddhist Priesthood by asking to receive Novice-Ordination, after a period of discernment made of study, practice and meetings.

If you’re interested in…

  • Meditation instruction
  • Learning more about Buddhism
  • Taking Precepts (becoming a Buddhist)
  • Having a teacher
  • Spiritual guidance
  • or if you just have questions

Send a message here: