Buddhist Training

I want to be an aid in the process of sharing the teachings of Chan Buddhism with anyone who is sincerely interested in following the path.

I am an ordained teacher of Chan Buddhism in the Order of Hsu Yun and I also received some training in the Korean Zen and Tibetan Rime traditions.

In this endeavor my goal is to share the teachings of Master Hsu Yun and the great masters of the Chan Lineage to the West. And to continue the tradition of Chan Buddhism in the West in a pragmatic, life-practical, and secular way with the profound wish to help others.

This is about practicing Chan Buddhism with Simplicity, Humility, and Sincerity.

For this I use different methods and procedures:

– Study of Chan Buddhism through the teachings that have meant a lot to me (Empty Cloud Manual, Faith in Mind, Mirror of Zen, 7th World Manual, Heart of Keeping the Light manual, Selections from master Hanshan, Selections from master Hsu Yun, Flowers of Wu, and others).

– Lectures and teachings on the practice of Chan Buddhism

– Direct, personal supervision of students, candidates and members of the community through face to face or distant meetings.

I want to adapt and share the practice of Chan Buddhism in our Western context in order to plant a seed of Simple, Humble and Sincere “Western Zen”.

If this speaks to you and you’re interested in practice or learning more about Chan Buddhism, send a message.