Your Clear and Bright Nature

“Our Buddha Nature is always clear and bright. If we can’t see because our eyes are darkly veiled with emotional dust. We can’t clean dust with dust and we can’t calm emotions with emotions. So how do we remove that veil? We use Dharma wisdom. Enlightenment lifts the veil and illuminates our Buddha Face.” -Han Shan Deqing


This is the concept of Buddha Nature.

The idea is that we are Enlightened already. We have an intrinsic awareness of the oneness of things and at our core we have what’s called Basic Goodness. This stands in opposition to ideas like Original Sin. We are awake already, the only problem is that we have delusions that keep us from seeing our true nature. I like to compare it to clouds that are blocking the sun. Our true nature is the sun and we just really need those clouds to move out of the way.

It’s the poisons of greed, hatred, and delusion that stop us from seeing our true nature. Our path is about transcending those poisons. Enlightenment isn’t something you gain or achieve. It’s something that you come to understand you have already. That’s why it’s sometimes called Realization.

So, we are using the Buddhist path to clear away these things that are preventing us from seeing who we truly are. We are trying to part the clouds and see the sun.

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