Initiation: Refuge and Precepts

Refuge Vows and Precepts are offered here. This is one of the few places where one can take Precepts and formally enter the Buddhist Path over the internet.  

The Refuge Vow marks the moment an individual embarks on the Buddhist Path. We take Refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha.

Refuge Vows are the beginning.

With Refuge Vows we also take the Five Precepts. This is when one enters into a formal relationship with a  teacher and declares their intent to try to walk the Buddhist Path. The Five Precepts are the foundation of Buddhist ethics. These aren’t a list of commands, but rather a list of vows with the intent of promoting harmony and living a good life that won’t distract us from our practice. The Buddha taught that the precepts provide the foundation for our well being.

The Five Precepts:

I vow to abstain from taking life.

I vow to abstain from taking things not given.

I vow to abstain from misconduct done in lust.

I vow to abstain from lying.

I vow to abstain from intoxicants, taken to induce heedlessness.

Taking this initiation means recognizing the importance of this path and declaring our intent to make it part of our lives. It means joining the tradition and lineage of others who are also making a great effort.

When you take five precepts, you will receive a Buddhist name

When taking the Precepts the practitioner receives the title “Upasaka/Upasika”

This ceremony is conducted over the Zoom platform, although if you’d like to come to Kansas City I’d be willing to give precepts here.

If you’re interested in initiation or you have questions, send a message here:

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