Great Love, Great Compassion, and the Great Bodhisattva Way.

Morning Sky Zen Sangha is a community of Buddhist practitioners under the guidance of Daniel Scharpenburg (QianMing).

The MSZS is considered a branch of the Dharma Winds Zen Sangha

This community was created to give those who are interested the opportunity to go deeper into the teachings of Chan Buddhism. This is one of the few buddhist communities that exists primarily on the internet.

Our intent is to plant a seed for a simple and sincere western form of the Meditation School of Buddhism (Ch’an/Zen).

Our focus is on the mindfulness practices found in the earliest zen tradition and on the compassion practices found in the bodhisattva tradition.

This path is about being real, about putting down all the baggage you’re carrying and facing the yourself as you really are. It’s about being truly honest with ourselves about who we are and about the world around us. It’s about being fully open and genuine.

Find your true self and help others.

Unleash your Buddha Nature and save as many beings as you can.

People that feel connected to our organization may request membership at any time.

We meet up through Facebook in the group and Daniel meets with students regularly through Zoom, the video conferencing app.

If you ever wanted to study Zen with an experienced and authorized teacher, especially the earliest Zen teachings, contact us.

If this is your first time here go to our What is Chan Buddhism page and also visit our Reading list and Practices pages.

Morning Sky Sangha is a western and reformed Chan community. We use traditional and modern forms of communication. We use modern internet tools to reach students that would otherwise have no access to these kinds of teachings.

Our intent is to plant a seed of a sincere western Chan, to make the Chan tradition something that is accessible to westerners.

This is established through the Zen Hermitage tradition. A Zen Hermitage is traditionally a place were a priest lives and shares his Buddhist practice with others. It is a place to practice in simplicity, sincerity and humility and doesn’t necessary offer all the services a Buddhist temple or monastery may offer. This hermitage exists on the internet and doesn’t have a physical location.